Ever Curious, Always Hungry Scavenger Hunt

Who Knew? Maybe You? Answer as many of these questions about your prodigal pal in a comment to this post and you will be entered to win a delicious prize.

This is my way of saying thanks for your patience and to help you get to know me and my new site a little better.

  1. What club are Taylor Shellfish and ILoveBlueSea sponsoring?
  2. Who said “If you are looking for support to organize an event, I strongly encourage you to consider Jacqueline.”
  3. Who are The Shrinking Violet and The Brine Hound and where can they be found?
  4. There are ten photos on my Photography page. Which photo by your always hungry friend has been published?
  5. I’m the “go-to-gal for questions about sustainability, seafood and social mediafor what conference-planning, app-developing powerhouse?
  6. What is the ironic connection between two of my favorite writing clips?
  7. Name one chef that I introduce on a video.
  8. Name the workshop that Christopher Myers & Joanne Chang said this about? “...we were energized to learn more and to help realize a better future for not only the diners of tomorrow but their children, as well.”
  9. What’s my favorite hashtag right now?
  10. Name one new thing you learned about me from this site/contest.

Comment below with your answers. All comments with 8 or more correct answers will be entered to win a $25 gift card at either Taylor Shellfish or ILoveBlueSea - your choice. Contest will end on Friday July 6 at midnight. Winner will be chosen from among all eligible comments by use of the random number generator.

Tweeting, posting on Facebook and forwarding of the post will get you good karma and may even make up for missed answers!

HINT: there's a clue to the answer in each question.