Angela's Coal Fired Pizza

When I heard the recommendation was "coal fired pizza, wings and sangria" I scratched my head.

The ovens are imported from Abruzzi. I was hoping for Abruzzezi sausages in an antipasto plate. The menu, however, is pretty straightforward.

There are literally more wines by the (bargain) glass than there are pizzas to choose from. I think this is a fine ratio. There are juice boxes for kids.

The coal fired pizza is good, the wings are better. I wanted the pizza to have the blistery char of Frank Pepe's in New Haven. It was good, and I'd definitely get it again, but it wasn't Pepe's or Sal's.

The wings were quite unique. Marinated in lemon, rosemary, garlic they are falling of the bone tender, but not dry. The skin is charred but softened. My guess is they're domed after roasting. They come in two order sizes: small is ten wings, the large is 20. They're served with oven-caramelized onions and "focaccia" which I suspect is really the same dough used in the pies.

I saw large salads and my next visit will try one with large order of wings. Cold beer is a plus.





Angela's Coal Fired Pizza
880 Broadway (Rt.1)
Saugus, MA
Phone: 781-941-COAL

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