Eating Local as an Act of Intimacy


Living in downtown Boston, a stone's throw from South Station Train Station, we like to brag that it takes less time to take the train to Providence than it does to drive across town. Maybe a slight exaggeration but not much of one.

I was glad to be invited to join part of the first annual Providence Food & Wine Festival. With such a vital and engaged group of chefs, farmers, growers and a loyal local dining following, this is sure to become a regular event.

I was particularly moved by Chef Vestal's lovely way of capturing his devotion to local food. He says "eating local is an act of intimacy." That makes my heart swell - a perfect turn of phrase to capture the thrill of that connection between us when enjoy local food, food that has a sense of place. The shared moment that is both fleeting and lasting - fleeting because that one meal cannot last beyond its enjoyment. Lasting in that the memory of it, the feeling of it, can last and give us more that the actual dietary components consumed. It nourishes us in a deeper way.

We listened to and then joined in the conversation of this excellent panel of local producers, hosted by Chef Beau Vestal of New Rivers and moderated by David Dadekian, local food writer & photographer of Eat Drink RI.


Oyster lovers and Oyster Century Club© members should swing by New Rivers for their $1 oyster night and try the Plum Points! Don't miss the Blackbird Farm burger, either. Food that makes you happy in the most intimate way.