Duckfest Farm to Table Weekend

There's a story my family told of the first time I ate duck. Dad had been invited to go hunting with the neighbor across the street. They bagged a couple and my father roasted ours, and the story goes my parents looked at each other and said "wonder if the kid would like duck?" Put it in front of me and shortly thereafter the place in front of me was a pile of dry bones. Tasmanian Devil- style, I tore through that duck and savored every bit.

My love for duck has never wavered. Unfortunately I am without code geek skills, and without a trust fund, scraping by as I do making it up as I go along. My travel "budget" and we use that term loosely, is going to be reserved for the Seafood Choices Alliance conference in January. Otherwise I WOULD BE HERE:


Neal and dinner, er um, duck.

Farmer, chef, and it's generally agreed, good guy, Neal Foley is hosting his annual weekend workshop for those committed to good food. You will learn how to grow it, kill it, cook it and eat it.

This is what you get:

  • 3 workshops with Neal Foley & Kate Hill
  1. Cassoulet- making the classic French the authentic way
  2. Ducks- slaughter to salting
  3. Duck charcuterie: confit, rillettes, pate, & duck prosciutto
  • 2 breakfast, 2 lunches, 2 dinners- all made with the good homegrown food of  Claddaugh Farms.
  • car pool from Belfast Harbor Inn
  • Pick up from Portland airport
  • whole transformed duck to take home (confit, pate, magret & rillettes; extra ducks available at low cost)
  • MadeinMaine gift bag
  • All of the above for $495. that's $100 per workshop including tuition, equipment, location and ducks. $20 per meal, and $25 for local transportation per day. A good value, really.

Neal is a agro-jewel. His commitment to establishing resources and teaching goes beyond a sustainable family farm. He deserves to be supported.

Kate Hill whom I had the great pleasure of meeting, laughing with and learning from in Portland is coming to share her Gascon knowledge with others.

So... my fellow farm-to-table foodies, locavores, homegrown friends, chefs, butchers, starving off the land folk...check this out.

And if you go, you could save me one little confit leg, perhaps?

Duckfest 2010 for more info see here.