Coming Home - a Japanese Lunch to console myself

Leaving Ecuador was harder than I thought. Leaving Guayaquil wasn't hard, it was leaving Galapagos, then San Cristobal...THAT was hard. Even though Guayaquil was dark in the rainy early morning, I wasn't prepared for Boston snowy, sleety, gray, and yucky. I had to keep telling myself "but you LOVE Boston" it's just hard to remember why. I was thinking of the blue-green waters of Galapagos, the color hovers somewhere between emerald and sapphire.

sea lion sunbathing

The lovely, lazy sea lions sleeping on the beaches we shared, swimming by on our snorkeling outings, and even napping at bus stops:


Bus stop



And then we came home to gray, snowy, sleety, yucky Boston. Piles of filthy muck-crusted snow have melted down somewhat; which only means that the ratio of pretty white to yucky gray-brown has shifted. I must accept there will be no lovely sweet white Ecuadorean pineapple at lunch, no happy hour on the sunset deck followed by a briefing on our agenda for tomorrow. Nothing in my day will involved iguanas, sea lions, snorkels or sunscreen. After a quick dinner in Chinatown (why didn't the waiter understand me? oh, I was speaking Spanish!) we began to attack the mountains of laundry and prepare for our first week back in "civilization". With a cold in my chest and the laundry done we called it early.

Today we woke to more snow and sleet. Yippee.

But there's always food. To console myself I made a Japanese lunch. Rolled omelet, "sarado" of shredded cabbage, tomato and homemade "bulldog sauce" rice and loaded miso soup. South River Red Barley miso is my new fave. Loaded wtih mushrooms, carrots, snap peas, tofu.

japanse lunch tamago




As I'm posting the sun is peeking out for the first time today. It's lovely but I can't imagine our sunset will rival this:

Galapagos Sunset