Come Plant a Tree - Boston Tree Party Launch

The Boston Tree Party kicks off its campaign to plant 100 pairs of heirloom apple trees in publicly used spaces across Greater Boston on Sunday April 10. Frux Civilis or Civic Fruit has a lovely double meaning. Fruits of this effort will outlast the actual apples. Even the Harvard Civil Rights Civil Liberties Law Reviews asks: are apples the next civil rights frontier? btpflag

What - We're Planting Trees on the Greenway?

That's right, we're planting heirloom apple trees on the Rose Kennedy Greenway!

The Boston Tree Party is the brainchild of Lisa Gross a conceptual artist who imagines tree planting as a way to engage diverse groups in public gathering places. Drawing on our long history with the apple - the first apple orchard in the American Colonies was planted by William Blackstone on Beacon Hill in 1623 - and playing with contemporary distortions of patriotism (Boston Tea Party?) - Gross sees the plan for 200 apple trees as a way to create a decentralized public, urban orchard that crosses social, economic, political and geographical boundaries.

  • Did you know the Roxbury Russet originated in Roxbury, MA in the early 1600s and is thought to be the first named American apple variety?


Why Apples, Why Now?

As an urban agriculture project, the campaign will create vital gathering places, build community connections, and improve community health. The act of planting and nurturing these pairs of trees will provide a catalyst for discussions and actions - can we take a stand for universal access to fresh healthy food? Can we participate in greening our city? The Boston Tree Party - says Yes, we can!

How - Can we Become a Delegation?

Tree planting delegations will include Garden clubs and Community Centers, Temples and Churches, Fitness and Health organizations to Environmental and Affordable Housing groups. Kids will be involved through groups like YouthBuild Boston/Nuestra Communidad and CitySprouts. Planting delegations will get ongoing support and a tree-planting kit. So far about 30 delegations have signed on and another 30 or so have begun the process.


When is the Party?

The Boston Tree Party Inauguration

Sunday, April 10th 1-3:30pm (The scheduled programming will run from 1-2:15pm.) 12:30pm, Delegation sign-in and Kit pick-up.

And Where is the Boston Tree Party Inauguration Happening?

Follow the sound of the brass band along the Greenway to where High Street meets Atlantic Ave.

  • A celebratory rally for Civic Fruit.
  • Music by the Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band.
  • An old-school Wassailing of the trees (bring something to bang on!)
  • Free apple cider.
  • Central Asian Barbecue (afterall, the apple originated in Central Asia).
  • Greetings from Edith Murnane, the Food Tzar of the City of Boston.
  • Words of Apple wisdom from our Official Pomologists Michael Phillips and John Bunker.
  • Inspiration from the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center “Let’s Get Moving” Tree Planting Delegation.
  • A Delegation Roll-Call.
  • Initial Kit pick-up for committed Delegations.
  • Opportunities to learn more about this campaign for Civic Fruit!


Let's make Boston a city of apples once again! btp-seal-background-900