Chinese Roast Duck Fresh Rolls with Green Gage Plum Jam

La Reine Claude or Green Gage Plum Jam + a hankering for siu nap - Chinese roast duck = [hint, that is the duck in the takeout container, poised over a bowl of steamy water...]  

siu nap


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roast duck fresh rolls

Roast duck fresh rolls!

Those white crepe-like things, for those of you who don't know (poor things), are rice paper wraps. You can get them at any grocer in Chinatown and probably at large grocers in the "International" section. They're stiff like parchment when you get them and you simply slide them into a large bowl of steaming hot water for a couple minutes, just until they've softened. Remove it from the water, let the excess water drip onto a clean towel, then wrap it around your favorite julienned veggies, herbs, grilled meat or tofu. I've even done a huge platter for a wrap-your-own appetizer for a party.

I like to stuff them with all sorts of veggies, herbs, and make dipping sauces with black vinegar, or sriracha...chili oil, sesame-peanut dressing.

It's my eat-more-greens secret weapon. Everything's more fun in a fresh roll! Even husbands that profess indifference to salad will gleefully enjoy them when wrapped in rice paper.

So I took Denise Woodward's generous gift of lovely jam and introduced La Reine Claude to Monsieur Siu Nap. Gave them a little buffer of baby romaine, cilantro and julienned scallions and cucumbers, and wrapped them all up.



roast duck fresh roll


What would you wrap?