Chefs Collaborative National Summit - Day 1

Many thanks to Chef Scelfo and his staff for turning out some great bites tonight. Russell House Tavern hosted the opening night reception for the Chefs Collaborative National Summit. It was packed with a room full of people buzzing about the great agenda for the next two days. Nibbling on Foie, Jonah Crab, Lamb belly and sipping wine and Bols cocktails to boot? Happy girl. I am definitely going back soon! Maybe for those marrow bones we talked about...

I met author Paul Greenberg tonight. It's always refreshing when you meet an author in person and they turn out to be as friendly as you imagined they might be from their writing style.

This book is on the top of my pile on the nightstand and I'm finding it delightful. There are books I feel I should read and it can be disappointing if they are not so enjoyable to read. I'm looking forward to finishing it and to sharing my thoughts on it when I do. Going to try to resist picking it up as I have to be in Chucktown at 7:30!

Why yes, you can click on the image and purchase this from my Powell's Bookshelf!


Also at the reception this evening: the ever-gracious and supportive Barry Estabrook. Have you checked out Politics of the Plate lately? Always entertaining and enlightening. Poppy Tooker New Orleans & Louisiana booster extraordinaire, regaled us with a saucy story as she is wont to do. (Check out her okra necklace, too!) Easy to see why we love her. The good folks at Australis Barramundi are in attendance and I've got some good news for you about them, too.

I'll be blogging through the Summit and Tweeting, too. Search the hashtag #natlsum10 on Twitter to follow my Tweets.

In the meantime, please check out Alison Ashton's Nourishing Hero: Paul Greenberg the first in our Nourishing Hero series.