Celebrate, Enjoy, Sensual Sustainability

I'm going to make my friend Kian Lam blush now, but he epitomizes something my friend Meg coined "sensual sustainability." Anyway, red is an auspicious color!

Too often, as we try to navigate the new rules for being a responsible gourmet, we get caught up in "can't" "shouldn't" and "won't" but we forget to enjoy food and to celebrate meals. It's not an either/or proposition, folks! We can enjoy sensible, sensual, and sustainable meals. It just takes a little help from our friends.

So I'm kicking off this year's Teach a Man to Fish sustainable seafood event with a bowl of Mock Shark Fin Soup. Chinese celebrate major events like weddings with a meal that includes, traditionally, shark fin soup. It's delicious, until you understand what's sacrificed. I cannot enjoy it anymore knowing one of the world's most majestic perfectly evolved species are being decimated unnecessarily and cruelly for my soup. It's soup!

Well, here's a solution: we can enjoy delicious Mock Shark Fin Soup with a clean conscience. As I always say, guilt does not make good gravy. Kian wrote a beautiful piece this Summer and flagged it for me to join our virtual pot-luck. I can think of no better opening course!

Kian Lam Kho: Banning Shark Fins from Shark Fin Soup. Kian Lam was inspired by Hawaii's banning of shark-finning. As a former daughter of the islands, I am proud. Please read Kian's post, learn more about shark finning and the ban and find his recipe at the beautiful Red Cook blog. If you're in the NYC area look out for his classes at the ICE or other venues.


photo: Kian Lam Kho, Red Cook

The linked post includes video clips of shark finning results - horrific. And a PSA by Yao Ming!