Boston's Best Pizza & Burger Options

It's always a controversial topic when you ask someone about the best pizza or the best burger...

Readers of Serious Eats, SliceNY or A Hamburger Today know that there's no shortage of new information, outting of poseurs, and praises sung to these foods we love.

Two quick hits:

1. The debate about sending back an overcooked burger and the retrospective on burgers of 2008 reminded me of the stunningly good burger I had on my birthday - at Neptune Oyster!

That's right. That's why I forget about how good they are there. But really, this is a godsend. You know those nights when you want to go eat with a mixed group? Some who want - must have seafood - and others who don't eat it or won't eat it. Neptune's your spot.

  • My votes for Boston's Best Burgers: Neptune Oyster, Pop's, Kingston Station.

 2. From SliceNY - new data uncovered about whether Boston or New York first served pizza.

And for New York readers:

The NYT reports that an Italian pizza school is opening in NYC in February. This will be sure to stir up the debates!

A fun detour for me, hope it was good for you too!