Boston Tree Party - We Dig It!

On a glorious day in Boston, just steps from the historic Tea Party location, a new movement was born. Conceived by the clever Founder, Lisa Gross, an avowed tree-hugger and activist, this new movement The Boston Tree Party, looks back to historical precedents and imagines a future in this city where garden clubs from tony neighborhoods team up with neighborhood health clinics from across town.

Whether it's beautification of our shared green spaces or increased public access to healthy food, teams supported by the "Apple Corps" are committing to nurture these heirloom apple tree pairs from whips to fruit.

With the scent of Silk Road BBQ carried over the crowd by a Spring breeze, teams gathered to celebrate the Tree Party, to learn from Pomologists and to join in the planting of the first pair of trees. The Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band provided the musical entertainment and the city's very own Food Czar chimed in.

I love apples. I love green space. I love the slightly subversive way this project is building bridges in the City of Boston. Getting kids involved in the planting of something historically relevant yet forward-looking will bear more than fruit. Years from now we'll be able to look across the city and recall these first days of a new historic movement.


Long Live Civic Fruit!