Boston Gets Another Accolade for Good Grub

Sometimes it's hard to love Massachusetts. Like when your car hits a pot hole the size of Rhode Island. Or you hear about more budget cuts and furloughs (for those outside the Bay State: that's working a day for which you don't get paid).

Or driving through a toll booth in which some live person, updating their Facebook page on their iPhone while collecting a salary, benefits and pension, hands you a ticket; a process that could be, and should, be fully automated.

But other days, it's easy to bust buttons. Mostly we're pretty chuffed about our destination city, full of history, full of innovations, full of good food. We revel in the Greenway, we rejoice in our farmers' markets. We step outside and smell the ocean and think "aren't we lucky to live here?!"

Other days, someone from "THE" city notices us, too. Like when Frank Bruni called our neighborhood gem, O-Ya, the best place in the whole US to eat (if you're not eating in New York City.) We were elated.

Reuters notices me... noticing Frank Bruni (of the New York Times)... noticing O Ya. Dizzy yet? Here's a link to the original post We Won! O Ya Tops Bruni's List.


Woodmans of Essex on the Culinary Map

Today, we got news that another beloved spot, Woodman's, is on New York Magazine's list of 50 State Dinners worth a Food Trek.

Those Ipswich clams are favorites and nearly always on the list of things we must allow visitors to savor. Now NY Mag says it's worth a food trek? Well, of course, thank you, and it's about time. Does that seem ungracious? Sorry, we really like it when youse guys recognize life beyond Manhattan.


We only hope that the day-trippers from the big apple don't add to the lines at Woodman's -  who can wait for the delicious fare?



  • What's your favorite way to savor the summer? Steamers? Lobster rolls? Fried clams?