Bookmark This: Thanksgiving 2013 Roundup - Recipes, Tips, Posts, Pins

I'll be posting something here every day between now and Thanksgiving so bookmark this now and you can check back at your leisure. roast turkey

 Are you wondering about a new side dish or maybe ready to try a new dessert? If you're like me, this is the best and most insane time of year. So much to cook. To taste. To try.

 So here we go, it's turkey time!

- Marron Glacé - kicks off holidays and makes a great hostess gift.

- Perfect Mashed Potatoes - an instructographic

- Potato Ricer - for light and fluffy mashed potatoes and perfect gnocchi

- Strata - perfect for a houseful of guests, savory bread pudding

- Stock tips - how to make turkey stock for perfect gravy

- Snappy Ginger Snaps - fill the house with good smells and never have a soggy pumpkin pie again

- Thanksgiving Spice Blend - a DIY spice mix to make fragrant turkey, delicious uses for many fall dishes

- Cranberry Persimmon Sauce - a new favorite

- Recipes from friends old and new - plus a crazy story that's become a traditional holiday kickoff.

- Four Thanksgiving Dishes to Please Any Crowd - Elegant or comfy, delicious recipes all and each one is either vegan or vegetarian, or are easily modified to be gluten-free, dairy-free.

- Shaved Fennel Salad - bright, crunchy and lightly licoricey. Perfect foil to the rich baked and roasted menu.

- Orange Bourbon Sweet Potatoes - aka "Jack's Killer Sweets"

- Prickly Guests, Sticky Situations - etiquette tips

Check out my Thanksgiving Ideas board on Pinterest, too.

Whether your hosting or visiting someone else, if food allergies or intolerances are part of the picture, you'll want to review these tips (with advice from Allergic Girl and the Gluten Free Girl) as well as my own. How to Host a Food-Allergic Friend, and How to be a Good Guest.