Blackburn's Dayboat Haddock at 606 Congress

CleanFish and Slow Food Boston, along with our host, Chef Greg Griffie, held a debut of a new local and sustainable Haddock. Blackburn’s Day Boat Haddock are caught using practices that prevent discarded bycatch and the harvesting of juvenile fish. These low impact practices along with good fishery management, have helped haddock stocks rebound in the past decade.

The restaurant 606 Congress, just steps away from Boston's fish pier is home to some very talented staff as this event demonstrated. Chef Greg Griffie and his staff served dish after dish of this delicious fish, showcasing itsversatility and his kitchen's skill. Get there before themonth's end and you can enjoy this featured fish.


Tempura fried

Herb-dusted with a celery sun-dried tomato slaw


As you can see, the individual fish are tagged, offering traceability to the source. When schedules allow, I'll be visiting with one of these fishermen to see firsthand how these magnificent fish are caught and what measures are being taken to protect their longevity.

Look for it by name at your fishmonger and stop by 606 Congress before the end of the month to try this New England delicacy. Chef Griffie will be offering specials through the end of the month.