Better than Sex - Grilled Corn

Shout out to Serious Eats for reminding me about my growing grilled corn fetish.

For years I've made a composed butter for barbecues that was once dubbed "Jackie's Better than Sex Butter" by visiting chef. Funny, that name kinda stuck. The butter is a riff on an old Silver Palate recipe, just a few tweaks to make it my own. I shared the recipe on Suite101 here, Favorite Summer Sweet Corn Recipes , and recently the Wisconsin Small Farm Central CSA linked to it (and shared the recipe in their newsletter, without, ahem, permission...)

The funny thing is my dear husband was not a fan of corn on the cob when we first met. Having grown up in California, he'd been very underwhelmed by the corn he'd tried there. That starchy corn, and a single, unfortunate surprise discovery of a free-loading pest, coupled with the necessary flossing ritual post-meal, had left him not such a big fan.

Fast forward to Jackie's obsession, her lovely composed butters and her new-found sloppy Mexican style sweet grilled corn and we are both now firmly under sweet corn's spell.

In the summer months full of sweet corn here in New England I can find any number of ways to eat it. Mixed into risotto, made with corn cob broth, you have a sweet and creamy backdrop for grilled seafood. Cut from the cob you have a nice sauté like this one-dish meal, perfect for brunch.

Here's a not so-great-photos (I was starving, mixed priorities) of our last grilled meal. Peaches, pineapple and grilled corn.

Grilled corn, grilled pineapple and peaches. After grilling the shucked corn, I slathered a bit of homemade mayo mixed with lime juice and lime zest on the corn, sprinkled with Cayenna Molida and pimenton, the grated cotija cheese. Sloppy, delicious mess.

Indoor grilling. As easy or fussy as you like. The grill gets oiled with a simple, neutral oil, like canola. The fruit goes right on, as does the corn. Char it as much or as little as you please but we really like the charred corn, it adds a nutty flavor and sticky chewy texture. You can baste with butter and hit with lime juice if you like. Or skip it, the mayo will have plenty of flavor and the butter is really gilding the lilly, as they say. I make the mayo with really healthy light oils, so why add back some fat. Or, why not since you saved it by making such lovely light homemade mayo?


Grilled peaches and pineapple. Sprinkled with Cayenna Molida. You could also use regular old cayenne or chipotle powder. Just a touch of any of these make offsets the sweetness of the grilled fruit so beautifully, thinking of it makes my mouth water.