Berkshire Gin, Thatcher's Cucumber


This is exactly what I need for my new cocktai! Berkshire Gin + Thatcher's Cucumber + Vya Vermouth. It makes a nice martini but it would be lovely carbonated! Star Chefs most recent newsletter shows Jim Romdall demonstrating the new Perlini system at Vessel

About Greylock

Greylock Mountain is the highest point in Massachusetts. Somewhere in this closet over here, is a photo I took one misty day of the observatory which is beautifully tiled all the way up. On a clear day, I forget what it said we would have seen but it was cloudy for us, so we missed it anyway. 

Greylock Gin is a small-batch, hand-crafted gin and I got to speak with Chris Weld of Greylock who explained the distillation process used at Berkshire Mountain Distillery. They actually suspend the botanicals over the gin, rather than distilling with mashed or macerated botanicals sitting in contact with the gin.

Etheral has a rotating blend of 14 Botanicals