Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro Takes Yogi Bear's Favorite Meal - the Picnic - Upscale

Hey Boo Boo - How about a Pic-i-nic in the Park?

The Public Gardens are beautiful this time of year.

Don't you look at beautiful picnic spreads and sigh, thinking "that's the life I should be living!"? If you're like me, you have no space to store the basket, the accoutrements which are so important for setting the scene seem silly to buy for the occasional outing. Well, now you too can picnic in style and have one of Boston's best chefs take care of the whole thing for you! Although it's offered only during weekday lunches, why not do a picnic instead of lunch at your desk? I won't tell your boss if you pick up a little half bottle of vino to accompany your lunch.

Enjoy a leisurely summer day with a bistro-fare al fresco feast from Beacon Hill Bistro. The Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro will begin offering a new “Picnic Style” amenity beginning June 7th, 2010 and continuing until the weather turns cold. Call to place your “Picnic Style” order one hour ahead, and upon arrival your picnic will be nicely tucked away in your own rustic basket along with a blanket for leisure picnic-dining just steps away at the Public Gardens or the destination of their choosing. There is no cost for this service, just call a minimum of 1-hour in advance to reserve, leave a form of ID as deposit until basket and blanket are returned. The items below are available Picnic Style, only Monday through Friday 11:30AM – 3:00PM.

So there are no more excuses, grab that special someone and get outside!

Picnic Style Menu Items Include:

Tea-Cured Gravlax, Herbed Potato Salad, Green Beans, Baby Greens  13

Boston Bibb Lettuce, Pear, Goat Cheese, Endives and Hazelnuts  9

Frisée Salad with Blue Cheese, Apples, Bacon, and Walnuts  9

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Salad with Tomato, Feta, and Green Olives  10

Lentil and Farro Burger, Baby Spinach, Spiced Yogurt, Red Pepper Salad  12

Steak Salad with Organic Romaine, Walnuts, Blue Cheese, Tomatoes, Red Wine Vinaigrette  18

Butternut Squash, Sage and Pistachio Aioli, Vermont Cheddar Cheese, and Spinach  12

Grilled Ground Sirloin Burger with Kosher Dill Pickles and French Fries  13

Roasted Turkey Breast, Swiss Cheese, Warm Green Apple, Pickled Red Onions, and Brioche  12

Baked Croque Madame, Smoked Ham, Béchamel, Soft Farm Egg with Baby Greens and Pommes Frites 13

Maine Crab Roll with Crème Fraîche, Red Peppers and Mustard, Greens, and Pommes Frites  14


Now there's no excuse! Grab and go!