Bandit's Lunch

Wine in a box? Meet the Three Thieves' "Bandit"

Jon Bonné said Bandit “works remarkably well when swigged from the box”. Maybe that was the problem, I used a glass. All in all I’d have to agree with his tasting notes. It’s not a standout wine in any respect, but then, it doesn’t pretend or aspire to be. Bandit’s box touts the environmentally friendly packaging (less glass = less weight = less fossil fuel used in shipping) and the convenience factor. It does so more than it touts the wine itself.

If you’re looking for serious wine, why would you choose a Tetra pak and one that’s purple, no less?

But hey, with a quick lunch of cheese, bread, olives, a radish and cucumber sandwich, why not?


The question that remains is whether better quality wines could be sold and distributed in this way and how the wine keeps. Certainly I cannot use the vacu-vin preserving method. Maybe I’ll have to drink the whole 500 ml in one day. I’m making some lentil soup tonight, should be perfect in and with that. No problem, no waste.

Just in case you start feeling the urge to take this seriously, take a look at their bios (which cleverly read like FBI wanted list profiles) and the videos on the website, the second one parodies the “True Hollywood Story” format.

Bandit, as this half liter cab Tetrapak is called, is a step above a jug wine and also above the TJ's low end blend, but it certainly won’t be mistaken for a vintage wine. It’s fine with food and if your environmental concerns outweigh your tasting priorities this should be your house wine. Otherwise, I’d say this is a niche-filler. When you want a picnic wine, or an inexpensive but decent wine to say, throw into a lentil soup, or to mix a batch of sangria, this is your wine.

From the website:


  • Tetra Pak containers reduce the packaging waste associated with bottled wine by 90%
  • It would take 26 trucks filled with empty wine bottles to equal just 1 truck filled with empty Tetra Pak cartons
  • Lower shipping weight reduces CO2 emissions and saves fuel
  • Tetra Pak cartons are comprised of over 70% renewable resources 

Here's a view of the back of the box - touting the environmental benefits.


My 500 ml bottle retailed for $6.75. Not exactly a steal but close enough.