Aww! Shucks - First Oyster Class Wrap Up and Giveaway

I know several of you missed the class at Whole Foods Market CRP. Here's a taste of what you missed. The first official word of it came to me from Doc, doing his early morning errands, when he texted me that he saw them putting this sign out:

Oyster Class sign


Then, I saw the Event Brite Graphic:

event brite Aww Shucks


And I kept checking the Event Brite registration. My goal was to sell out. But there seemed to be seats unfilled...I kept Tweeting, FB'g, reminding, cajoling. (Little did I know my view of the Event Brite page only showed me Facebook friends who registered!)

Guess what? We sold out!

My other goals included:  getting folks interested in oysters as a sustainable seafood, introducing them to some new varieties, and in between shucking demos, tastings, to ensure we learned about oysters in a fun, relaxed hour.

I guided the first volunteers through a tasting technique with Salt Aires from Canada, then the entire class tasted through eleven additional oysters.

  1. See/Smell - notice the size of the meat, depth of the cup, amount of the liquor. Close your eyes and smell - is it a warm soft Gulf breeze or bracing snap of salty New England air?
  2. Chew/Notice - while some folks slurp the whole thing down, you actually miss many nuances of flavor and texture if you don't give it a chew. In fact, the enzymes in your mouth will interact with the amino acids in the oyster to bring out a whole variety of flavors you'll miss without a chew!
  3. Finish/Repeat - what is the finish of the oyster? how does it linger? is it vegetal, briny, earthy, sweet, metallic?

We went over time-wise, but people seemed happy. It was wonderful to see familiar faces in the class, Oyster Century Club members (Brian, Ruth, Nehal) and friends (Joseph, Kelley, Cruz, Marcela) and as well to meet new oyster lovers.

Oyster Class photos

The Whole Foods Market (Charles River Plaza) crew did a fantastic job. That's Oscar shucking, he runs the the seafood department and was the first guy I talked to about doing this. His enthusiasm for the seafood and oysters is terrific. I hope you'll go back and say hello. Buy some oysters to shuck at home, the best season for them is starting now! James (the tall one) is now at River Street, but he came back to help out. These two guys shucked over 200 oysters for us!

I handed out flash drives with oyster-centric posts, we had a couple sheets Rowan Jacobsen, A Geography of Oysters, author and oyster guru extraordinaire allowed us to use, and I listed Five Reasons to Love Oysters, shared Oyster Facts and Trivia, and this Oyster Lover's Reading List.

Participants went home with goodie bags including: their own oyster knife, WFM seafood rub, a lemon, other seafood collateral and the Holiday magazine.

Each of the place settings included a laminated placemat to take home, too. Check out these profiles on your own, great fun; are you a Brine Hound or a Grail Seeker?


Rowan Jacobsen's Oyster Lover Profiles


Aww! Shucks Coupon


Last but not least...


  • New classes are in the works. Be sure to follow the #oyster100 hashtag for updates on Twitter or Facebook or email  me.
  • COUPONS: If you missed this class, Whole Foods Market graciously offered ten coupons. They're good for $5 off $15 worth of oysters! Get on it. Drop me a line and I'll pop one in the mail or hand it to you at the next Tweetup.
  • Stay tuned for a terrific giveaway sponsored by Whole Foods Market CRP -- coming soon!