August Winners - BBQ Bonanza


photo: Denise Woodward


So, it's almost 2:30 AM and I've finally cleaned the kitchen of most traces of, and all dishes dirtied in, the maiden voyage into canning-land. Eight pints and one bandaged finger later we have a tremendous sense of accomplishment and a foreboding sense of what lies ahead tomorrow morning when I try to rise in time for HVAC guy coming to investigate our AC's recent crapping out.

After Irene (who came closely on the heels of Mr. what-was-that?-Here?!-Yes, Earthquake), I realized that having good food put by for emergencies is even more important than ever. Well, it seems so anyway. Could be I'm simply trying to make myself feel better about this horribly bandaged finger. Did I mention I have a latex allergy? Actually all adhesives... but I digress.

One more thing I had to do before slugging the last of my G&T (Knockabout Gin, Ryan & Wood, Newburyport, MA) from a Ball jar, natch, was to pick our winners for August BBQ Bonanza prizes!

I am so genuinely grateful to our sponsors this year. And for the record, this little virtual cookout we've got going here has generated over 5,500 hits on these four August posts. Think this means we've gotta do it again next year. And stay tuned in September - more great guest posts coming!




Thank you to our sponsors for these terrific gifts.


A Sauce trio from the Silk Road BBQ guys. This is an exclusive offering of three of their sauces.

  • one bottle of Carolina sauce (for dressing pulled pork);
  • one bottle of pomegranate chili sauce (versatile sweet/sour/spicy);
  • and one bottle of jerk marinade (meat brine or stew base or ceviche base).


Gloria - Congratulations Gloria!

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Ask Jenni how she's enjoying the sauces, she was our July winner. Who will win in September?



Our second prize was donated by The Lisa Ekus Group. Andy Schloss is the author and we both have the honor of Lisa as our agent. Beyond cool to be amongst such a great group of accomplished authors. Mine is coming - promise!

Congratulations Sharon! As a baker, a home charcueterie maker and a great broad who knows her way around a heritage breed pig or goat, I'm confident Sharon will thoroughly enjoy this prize!

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Timestamp: 2011-09-01 06:18:39 UTC

Prize #3

Finally our four piece grilling tool set, courtesy of OXO creator of our favorite kitchen and bath tools. I love the marriage of practical and efficient with affordable good design. Who doesn't?

I could not be happier that our friend the Random Number Generator picked David for this prize. Poor guy has been grilling everything since Irene visited his house and left with his electricity. As a huge supporter of local farms like Blackbird Farms (terrific Angus, pastured and dry-aged) he had a freezer full of good meat for his lucky girls. Unfortunately, last I checked he still had no power!

David will certainly get good use out of these.

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Timestamp: 2011-09-01 06:20:11 UTC


Okay barbecue fans, stay tuned to see what's next in our BBQ Bonanza! Like a scavenger hunt?

✘ Find the location on Silk Road BBQ's site that is NOT one of their actual locations and enter the answer here for a chance to win.