Attention Singles and Pizza Lovers


This NYT article about the new wave of pizzas got me thinking. I still have Cheri Burbach's book Internet Dating is not Like Ordering a Pizza here somewhere...I thought it was a unique and fun take on dating the Internet, from a survivor, with a sense of humor. How about a TShirt that reads: You looked so much better on your profile? "The book is full of advice and examples that daters (online or not) can use." All Books Review.

So here goes - a free copy of the book goes to the commenter who tells the best or worst date story (Internet or blind) and bonus points if you include a compelling pizza recommendation, or fun pizza story

I'll start the ball rolling because I know no one wants to admit they do it, but lots of us have found it useful. Personally, I think it's just smart. What if you live a block away from the right partner but you go to a different drycleaners, different coffee shops, and just never bump into each other? 

When I was single I wrote a great profile and had lots of hits. A few I dated. Most did not look like their profile picture. Most profiles I read, I didn't respond to because they'd filled it out like they were ordering a pizza. Checking boxes for what they wanted, but offering nothing interesting or intriguing about themselves. I'll never forget the one who insisted that "Only Jewish Runway Models need apply." Really? And no, he was not himself a model - let's just say he had very high self esteem. I would go to parties where there 40 couples and one single guy and me. Or a blind date where the response to my incredulous "What were you thinking?!" was "Well, he's single and you're single..." as if that were sufficient.

Let's face it, once you're out of college, the opportunity to regularly meet people of similar age and interests rapidly declines. 

The Bruni Pizza article notes that the new crop of pizza joints is partly a reaction to the current downturn in the economy. A pizza place is leaner to staff and cheaper to run. The new restaurateurs are being resourceful and smart. They're adjusting to the times. Increasing your odds by using tools like the Internet is also being resourceful, smart and adusting to the times. It's not about settling or about desperation, it's about mixing it up, meeting new people outside your normal circle.

Why not - if the date's a bust you can always order a pizza and get just what you want.


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