Art and Soul of Baking - and Eating Down the Freezer

What to do with those bananas I threw in the freezer God knows when? With the "Eating Down the Fridge" Challenge on my mind (since come and gone), I kept thinking of those damn bananas. I love chucking bananas that are overripe into the fridge for smoothies. It's just that I don't drink that many smoothies. And these have been in there too long.

So I pulled out my "Art and Soul of Baking" (my Fourth Anniversary gift) and looked through the last few recipes I'd already flagged. This marbled banana loaf had caught my eye (or maybe even back then those bananas were calling to me.)


Art and Soul of Baking (Andrews McMeel) - please see my Powell's Bookshelf to order.

It called for three medium or two large very ripe bananas. I had two medium ones, but decided to give it a go. The recipe instructed you to use the food processor to puree them then discard all but one cup. I turned out to have less than one cup of puree (guess mine were smallish?) but no matter. This turned out beautifully. I forgot to take a photo of the prep which was pretty hilarious, you wind up with two batters. After adding the banana, you divide the batter in half adding a melted cocoa paste to one half. Then, you drop the two batters into a prepared loaf pan in a six square checkerboard. Lastly, you swirl with a spoon, rather like the way you fold egg whites (can't you just see Julia demonstrating this?)

Breakfast on editing day (J.Church)

Mine actually looked almost like the picture and the finished product was banana-y enough for us. Perhaps the last 1/4 C we missed would have made it a tad more moist, but it's just fine for dunking. And lucky us, we've just discovered Richardson's dairy. Family owned and operated for generations, we've been twice now including a trip to the maternity barn where I saw this calf less than an hour after it was born. 


Richardson's Dairy

  • 300 years of continuous milking in one family.
  • 300 acres of pasture. 373 cows.
  • Milked @ 4, bottled by 9 
  • Hormone free.