Apples for Dinner

Last week's foray to Bolton Orchards reminded me of the old song from Guys & Dolls. A Bushel and a Peck. I bought a Peck of apples, and then some. I was invited to help celebrate a friend's birthday and a little bird told me apple pie was her favorite. So apple pie it was. Well, pies, actually. I made two anticipating 20 guests.


After Doc watched the apple pie making extravaganza, he felt a little left out, I think. That won't do. We have apples left over from that peck + and Virginia's cookbook arrived, so I thought it was a good time to make another pie. We cut into it last night with friends. Happy faces all around.

Adventures in Brining

My first experience brining was a quasi-disaster. It's me and the directions thing all over. I tend not to do well with following them. When you brine, it's pretty important to get the proportions right.

Tonight we had beautiful thick center cut pork chops, some kale, Russian Banana Fingerlings.

Apples Four Ways

First I juiced apples into a brine, then sauteed slices with the brined pork chops. I drank a hard cider (crisp and much drier than I'd anticipated). Finally, we finished with Virginia Willis' "Mama's Apple Pie" from Bon Appetit Y'all.

This brine from Epicurious makes a much larger portion than is needed for two chops