All Star Award for The Leather District Gourmet Newsletter

I'm thrilled to have been given an Email Marketing All Star Award by Constant Contact, my newsletter vendor!

Constant Contact measures several data points that reflect "continued commitment to following best practices... accounts qualified for this special status by meeting all of the following standards of excellence during the entire year of 2009: [Because I believe in full transparency, my stats are here, in brackets.]

  • Averaged a bounce rate less than or equal to 15% [7-13%]
  • Averaged an open rate of 20% or higher [28-35%]
  • Sent Constant Contact emails regularly (in all 4 quarters in 2009) [sent 8]
  • Averaged a click through rate of 2% or higher  [11-26% - this means my readers are not just reading the newsletter but following links to read more!]
  • Received no compliance related complaints or inquiries"


Here's a screenshot of the last one:


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