All Sausage, All the Time

Just so you know we don't take ourselves too seriously here at the Leather District Gourmet, I decided to share this weekend's sausage fest with you. I'm unembarrassed by either of these damn fine meals.

DiLuigi's of Danvers ("Linking Tradition with Innovation") has been making sausage since 1950 and were recommended to us by Doc's new co-workers. These are the Hot Italian Sausages that "put them on the map." Boy, were these good. Very lean, just enough heat and delicate casing.


If it's possible, I might be even more excited by the virgin outing to Speeds. I have to thank Penny Cherubino at for putting Speeds on our short list. Ever since I did my research for the Hot Dogs, Haute Dogs article, I had wanted to find the elusive Speed's- but where the heck is Newmarket Square?

You can see the Hancock and Prudential towers in the background. Click here to see GoogleMaps' map. The lot where you'll find the truck is full of truck loading docks for food suppliers.

The secret to Speeds success? Let me count the ways: all beef dogs made specially for Speeds in CT. Brined dogs, charcoal grilled dogs and buns, mix of sweet and slightly spicy with the salty savory grilled hot dog. 




Speeds Dog with the works. Their secret sauce, beanless chili and mustard.

God this is a big delicious dog. A two-hander for sure!

Go to Pink's for the toppings and the star gazing potential, go to Speeds for the Dogs!