A Victory for Bluefin Tuna - in Denver

In wrapping up this year’s TM2F sustainable seafood event I omitted information on this bluefin tuna success story. Claire Walters who writes Culinary Colorado gave me a heads up about this protest before it happened. I lost track.




Level Heads Prevail as Conservation Efforts Claim Partial Victory in Denver

With all the hyperbole here lately, it’s nice to have a story to report where level heads prevailed. A group called Plants and Animals Denver began petitioning the local sushi spot, Sushi Den, to end their sale of bluefin tuna.

The group defines their goals as follows:


  • Make Denver more animal-friendly and vegan-aware.
  • Improve the lives of animals used for commerce.
  • Unite a vibrant local community of vegans who support each other and seek a better world for all animals.


They claim their actions are a partial victory (Sushi Den still serves bluefin, but only from farmed sources, not those impacting the wild population.) They aim to make Denver bluefin-free.


Please see Claire’s excellent post outlining the trouble with tuna at her award-winning blog, Culinary Colorado.

And take a look at Plants and Animals Denver for their take on “how our daily decisions impact the planet, the little beasties we share it with, and our own health.”

Even the ex-Bostonian and now Denver local, Denveater who "doesn't usually do controversy" also covered this here, No Mo Toro Protest at Sushi Den.