90% of Diners Want Sustainable Seafood in Restaurants

...But 75% don't know which species are near extinct....

Here is the body of an email blast I sent out when I read this report this morning. It's (fish)food for thought. 


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I wanted to share this news with my FoF's (Friends of Fish), restaurant friends, chefs and food writers. World Ocean Day helped raise some interesting dialog about corals, bluefin campaigns and sea turtles.

Teach a Man to Fish 2009 is gearing up for this Fall's sustainable seafood event and I'm pleased to give you a little inside scoop: one of my key areas of focus for this year will be a tool kit for chefs. Chefs are at the forefront of our efforts. They bring us new and exciting dishes to try and change our home food buying habits by introducing us to new things. Other exciting news about this year's event soon...

There can be no doubt that there is a wave (pun intended, and forgiven, I hope) of interest in sustainable seafood...as well as a lot of confusion. It's my goal to help people sort through the information and mis-information, to enable them to make choices that are in healthy for themselves, their families and the oceans. People will engage in these difficult discussions and change their own buying behavior only when they feel they have information they can trust. But they do want to make better choices.

What can you do?

If you're a restaurant or chef - take one step: replace a menu item that's made with endangered fish, with a sustainable choice. Tell your purveyors to bring you more sustainable options.  The Fairmont Battery Wharf has taken the lead here in Boston removing Bluefin Tuna and Chilean Seabass (Patagonian Toothfish) from their menu. Their seafood pact is rolling out this Spring corporate-wide.

If you're a home cook - add one new sustainable dinner to your rotation this week. Need a recipe? Check here: TAMTF 2008 Round up.

If you're a food writer - see if you can incorporate the sustainable seafood message in a story. People are hungry for more on this topic!

If you're a sustainable seafood producer - be sure to ask about sponsoring Teach a Man to Fish this year. There are many ways to get your products in front of my readers and TAMTF participants.

For further assistance or information:

Be sure to check my website for updates and news about Teach a Man to Fish. There's a ton of resource material in my resource guide from last year's event. You'll find links to all the top sustainable seafood organizations, as well as some surprises and new tools.

Remember to learn what you can, share what you know, and eat and drink good stuff!