2010 Teach a Man to Fish Round Up

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The fish: Barramundi

Contributed by: Chef Jeffrey Mahony, McCormick & Schmick, Colorado

The Recipe: Barramundi with Shitake & Lemongrass

For more info: The Better Fish; The Super Green List

Barramundi is a fish that still needs its breakout role. This fish could be the "it" girl if we could find that vehicle. A few chefs have discovered it and wider distribution is on the horizon. Allow me to introduce you.

Barramundi has much to recommend it:  sustainably farmed in above-ground, closed-container tanks, it eats a largely vegetarian diet (meaning it doesn't put pressure on natural fish populations for feed). It has the remarkable ability to turn its feed into omega-fatty acid-rich delicate, flaky white fillets that have enough healthy fat to make it easy to cook, even for beginners.

Chef Jeffrey Mahony has more than 18 years experience in the restaurant industry.  Most of these were spent working with fresh seafood.  He began his career at the Pelican Fish restaurant in Fort Collins, CO. During his tenure, Mahony worked his way up from host to chef and eventually, general manager. The restaurant was named “Best Seafood Place” and the “People’s Choice Restaurant” for eight years by the Fort Collins Coloradoan.