2010 Teach a Man to Fish Round Up

The 4th annual Teach a Man to Fish sustainable seafood event is finally wrapped. Thankfully this is a virtual potluck or these lovely dishes would stink to high heaven as long as some have been hanging around the inbox!

A Little Background

For those unfamiliar with this event, I started it four years ago with the thought that sustainable seafood choices are increasingly complicated to make though a growing number of us want to lessen our impact on the oceans and species we love. Why not, I thought, invite my conservation friends, my chef buddies, some celebrities, food bloggers and home cooks to participate in a huge teach-in and virtual potluck. We each share a recipe, a story about what we made and why, and I wrap up the whole post including photos, links to your blog or website, and additional resources so everyone can learn more about what we've chosen and why.

Accolades came from far and wide and I was most delighted to hear from many participants that they loved learning and sharing. The young mother from Germany who was looking at food choices in new ways now that she was feeding her child learned about better choices for her family and the oceans. The reader from Southeast Asia who wondered if there was anything akin to a wallet card for that part of the world. (There was! We found it.) The editor who decided to start a dialog with her fishmonger and shared a simple five-step plan for how we could do the same.

Even people who did not participate by sending an entry in have written me via this site, Facebook or Twitter and thanked me for the compilation of resources and the collection of inspiring recipes.

2010 TM2F

Teach a Man to Fish (TM2F) this year is no less inspiring in terms of the entries I've received, the leaders I've spoken with and the progress we've made. Looking back over the years of round ups and resource guides, it's clear to me that we have really come some distance since I started this.


  • Success is not where we are but how far we've come from where we started. TS Eliot


Here we are in December (DECEMBER!) and I'm still trying to get this damn round up out. And a few of you actually submitted recipes/entries on deadline. Even when traveling. I apologize. It seems that this year has been a struggle for so many of us. Even last week I got a voicemail from a leading sustainable seafood organization I had contacted months ago to participate. Another "yes definitely" has simply fallen off the face of the earth. Then there's the Java-Joomla-Safari issues. So, with a few holes, but a lot of great content we are here. At last.


Seven Questions for...

I hope that you've been enjoying the newly added "Seven Questions for..." series. Sharing the thoughts of some of our leading thinkers, movers and shakers in the area of sustainable seafood and conservation was a new item I added to the mix this year.

Seven Questions for...


Looking ahead to our 5th Anniversary of TM2F - 2011

There are already some great plans in the works and I'm going to move it up into late Summer. We will miss October's National Seafood month tie-in, but we also miss everyone's crazy holidays and travel schedules which seem to ramp up earlier every year. So, do me a favor and mark your calendar now for August 15 - September 15. That should give us wiggle room with summer vacations and back-to-school and maybe even some nice tie-ins.


On to our Roundup

This round up includes recipes and advice from chefs, authors, conservation leaders, home cooks