If you can't make it to a local farmers' market...

...hop on the T to the Boston Public Market


Either way, you're going to find great things to eat, drink, cook. Here's a video I hosted for FoodableTV introducing the newly opened Boston Public Market in 2015. 

If you're curious about what to do with the great fish, meat, fruits and vegetables you'll find at the BPM or Dewey Square leave me a comment or email me

It starts with a craving or a question...I'm here to help!


What you'll find now:

It's been a late, long, wet spring but we've got tender greens, asparagus, and some greenhouse favorites like Persian cucumbers. Make a nice grain salad and serve it alone or with some chicken or shrimp marinated in Schug or Shrug (see my "Cilantro Shrug" below). I think it would be great as a drizzle over scallops, too.