Gift List 2017

Holidays and birthdays collide, around here -- it's all one, big, blur after Halloween.

This year I'm grateful to be past my one year anniversary of last year's surprise health crisis, a stark reminder that you cannot take tomorrow for granted. The upside of this is that I'm learning with new devotion to focus on now; to focus on what matters. I'm also working on letting go. (Those of you who know me well are cackling right about now, that's okay, I am too.) Here's the thing for me: life is about the connections we have with people we care about. Every other thing is just that, it's other. 

Okay there are some great ideas that already hit my list via:

- Rebecca Katz - she starts with a pan I've been coveting, includes an oil we've been enjoying. It's a great list. 

- Karen Covey - The Coastal Table itself makes a great gift, and Karen came up with a great list, too. I especially like these socks.

We all know the excitement over socks as a gift increases with age. Another great sock gift are Bombas, for every pair purchased, they donate a pair. Also, the socks are super comfy and wear well. 

and here are some other current favorite gift ideas:

  • Great tea - really love Tea Vivre
  • This gorgeous matcha whisk stand
  • Teaball (for dusting confectioner's sugar or flour) maybe pair with some great cookie stamp, rolling pin or fun cookie cutters 
  • Cookbooks - have you checked out Great reviews of all the latest and greatest cookbooks.
  • A subscription to the EatYourBooks indexing system is a god-send to cookbook hoarders - um collectors, I mean, like me.
  • Shopping small, local vendors connects you (and your money) to your community. Check out your local farmers' market for locally made, harvested, produced giftables like local honey. Local craft distillers or brewers make great gifts, too. 
  • Don't forget we're in PRIME oyster season! This cook shucking knife makes a great gift or stocking stuffer, maybe pair it with a dozen oysters for the oyster lover on your list. Or buy them a membership in the Oyster Century Club. Their membership card entitles them to discounts at local oyster bars, they get a tasting sheet they can use to tally all the varieties they've enjoyed. And milestone prize contests and giveaways are open to members only. Oh, members also get their own shucking knife. [We've just had our first Centurian! Stay tuned for the event to award his certificate! Congratulations Larry Yu and WELL DONE.]
  • Any cook would love one or more silicone spatulas
  • Museum passes for a day or a year. 
  • Gift cards to an art store or frame shop.

Don't forget cooking classes and Chinatown tours make great experience gifts!

Hope you're cuddled up with someone or something you love and ready to see what 2018 will bring. At a party the other night, I heard being kind to strangers can be one of the most profound acts of resistance. Think about it, the more we are cognizant of others' humanity the better off we'll all be. 

My very best to you and yours for a healthy, happy New Year.