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Go beyond the gate with your expert guide on our Chinatown Experience Tour. We'll taste BBQ pork, mooncakes, bubble tea; and learn the fables associated with various treats. Understand yin and yang and its expression in everything from food to architecture to medicine as we visit a traditional Chinese herbalist's shop. Explore the abundant fruits and vegetables in the grocery store, peek in on the live fish and get expert tips on ingredients and techniques to make your stir-fries sing. To complete our tour, we'll enjoy dumplings and more at dim sum as the steam carts roll by. Travel to a new destination, even if you already live here.

Tour options:

  • The Chinatown Experience Tour - by far our most popular tour. Tasting, shopping, history, insights, concludes with dim sum (3 hours, $75)

Additional tour options:

  • Chinese Market Secrets - perfect for foodies who just want an aisle by aisle grocery introduction including: expert tips, secret ingredients, ramen hacks (1 hour, $50)
  • Market Plus - a shorter grocery tour plus three tasting stops (2 hours, $50)
  • Private tours - customizable to your goals. 
 Tours happen year-round. Rain or shine or snow, we'll have fun!

Tours happen year-round. Rain or shine or snow, we'll have fun!

Let me know what you're interested in and I'll let you know the next available date:

All tours begin at the Chinatown Gate; the Chinatown Experience Tour ends with dim sum at Hei La Moon. Other tours will visit destinations within Chinatown and end at the Gate.

People say the nicest things

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Boston Chinatown Tours - Food, Fun, Fables


Chinatown tours make GREAT gifts! Holidays, weddings, birthdays...

Bring your appetite for knowledge and food! Jackie our tour guide was cheerful and full of wonderful history of Chinatown. She was energetic and had loads of fun stories.

For a great insider's view of what a tour is like, read Penny Cherubino's review on Boston Zest. Thanks Penny, this is the sort of happy customer I live for!


Photos by Penny Cherubino

The detail of backstory offered by the tour guide provided valuable context for understanding the rest of the stops along the way.

I thought the tour offered great value for the money and I also believe that the tour would be perfect for a variety of groups visiting the city, including higher education professionals, visiting architects, and so on.

Overall, it’s a tremendous experience and Jackie is an amazing guide to the details and culinary joys of Chinatown.
— Max Grinnell, The Urbanologist

Meet your guide

I always thought I’d leave for NYC or SF after law school, but Boston and my husband, a Hong Kong-born California-raised transplant, stole my heart. Having lived through some “Joy Luck Club” family dinners, I can attest to the rich delights of Chinese food & culture, as well as the pitfalls!

With years of corporate training experience, as well as public speaking, and leading cooking classes (both public and private), I bring expertise in teaching, in sharing food and culture in an entertaining way. My passion for this food and culture shines through in years of five star reviews.

My guests appreciate personal insights, local history, and insider tips. We have fun and the time flies. I’ve developed relationships with a wonderful group of vendors who dote on my tour guests and show them a real taste of Chinatown.

Guests leave happy, feeling as though they’ve traveled to another destination.

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Thank you so much for the fantastic tour of Chinatown! You were outstanding and we enjoyed all the samples. Learning the history of Chinatown was fascinating!”
Jackie was knowledgeable and light hearted, with a passion for what she does and an obvious desire to share. What intrigued me the most was how much I felt like I was visiting a foreign country, just steps away from where I walk every day. The only English we heard was Jackie describing what we were seeing, hearing, and yes...tasting! I especially appreciated her skill in putting the whole morning into an historical and cultural context, complete with her own personal experiences. I highly recommend this tour to all foodies, but also to anyone who has a morning to devote to the magic and power of travel.

For five years I've been delighted to lead North End & Chinatown tours with the one of Boston's best food tour companies. I'm delighted to be offering my own Chinatown tours now, continuing my 5 star service as Boston Chinatown Tours. 

Come join me on a Chinatown tour and enjoy the insights and tips, fables and foods that make Chinatown so special. 

*Thanks to Mark Bauman for a good number of the photos here. Mark was one of my tour guests who became a friend. Lucky me, he brought his camera!