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All About Citrus

Meyer Lemon cake.jpeg

Winter is prime season for citrus. In this class, you will learn to unwrap the secrets of these little bursts of sunshine and ways to enhance your dishes and desserts. We'll make and enjoy recipes that may include Mixed-citrus Ceviche or Orange-Chipotle Chicken. Desserts may include Citrus Chiffon Cake, Chocolate Mineola Biscotti, or Orange Swirl Meringues. We'll learn how to extract full flavor from the fruit, when to use zest (and how to remove it), and discover sweet and savory uses. You'll learn to avoid common pitfalls like adding citrus too early to your recipe, how to add citrus to dairy without curdling, and how to store citrus fruits. Class will consist of demonstrations, as well as tastings and hands-on opportunities, as we prepare at least one recipe in class. Head home with a newfound citrus zeal and a load of recipes to try on your own.