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Wok with Me: Brookline Adult & Community Ed.

While most everyone enjoys a takeout dinner or a trip to Chinatown, too few people know the joys and benefits of wok cooking at home. In this class, you will learn how to choose a wok, the proper way to season your wok, how to clean it and how not to. Your instructor will introduce you to several key ingredients, easy to find in any grocery store, that are the building blocks of fabulous at-home stir-fry meals. You will also learn what kind of oil to use, how to pick the right soy sauce, rice wine, and more, all while putting your skills to use cooking up wok recipes such as Perfect Fried Rice, Velvet Chicken with Wok-seared Vegetables, Crystal Shrimp, and Beef Chow Fun. You will review essential knife skills and you will leave with a resource guide that includes cookbook recommendations and additional recipes to try at home. Please bring a wok. 

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