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The Chinatown Experience Tour

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 Do you know the fable about moon cakes?

Do you know the fable about moon cakes?

The rich history of Boston’s Chinatown can seem impervious to outsiders. The array of treats can be overwhelming, even intimidating. Travelers and locals alike rave about the insights they get and the fun they have touring Chinatown with me.

Tips on shopping in Chinatown markets, enjoying tastes of terrific BBQ, traditional pastries, visiting an herbalist, learning about the very ancient and the ultra modern, all in the space of a couple hours. BBQ, moon cakes, dumplings and more!

The full Chinatown Experience tour ends with guests enjoying dim sum together, learning everything from tea pouring etiquette to how and what to order. On this date we start with dim sum, reversing the order of the tour. Come join us!


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