Meetup Group Dues

Annual dues of $5.00 - that's less than 50 cents a month, what can you get for 50 cents anymore?

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Private Cooking Lessons

Please contact me for further info and to tailor a class for you or someone on your list!

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Oyster Century Club Shucking Knife

Get your very own shucking knife with the Oyster Century Club logo.

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Oyster Century Club Membership

Membership includes:

  • Your own OCC log to track your tasting adventure 1 -100
  • Your membership card to make it legit
  • Your own shucking knife to make your friends jealous
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Oyster Century Club - Event attendance only

If you're not sure you want to join the Oyster Century Club yet, come join us for an event and see what you think. If you want to convert to full membership (and get your membership card, shucking knife and tasting sheet) we'll credit you the initial $10 payment. Offer good for one event or 30 days. 

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