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Our next oyster happy hour will be at Zyg's. Thursday August 11, 6-8 pm. As always, members get free admission and specials. (Don't forget your card!) Please reserve your spot (new or existing member) on Eventbrite, so we can give our hosts a headcount.

Not sure if you can come but want to join? Scroll down and make it so. 

Members get free admission to events, special deals and you get to play fun oyster-centric challenges for raffle entries. 

At Les Zygomates, we'll enjoy:

  • $1 oysters from the east coast,
  • 1/2 price west coast oysters,
  • raffle will include great oyster swag, and a $50 GC from Zyg's.

Be sure to check our Oyster Century Club Facebook Page for bonus challenges and if you're a member but don't live in Boston we have a great raffle just for you! Just take a selfie with your tasting log or membership card and tag me and #oyster100 and you'll be entered in our "Away" raffle.

Do you know what Les Zygomates refers to?

We're always looking for ways to enjoy oysters, make new friends, have some fun. Join us today!

The Oyster Century Club is launching a whole MONTH of fun starting with half-priced oysters at The Merchant on Thursday, August 4 on the eve of National Oyster Day. 

R you crazy? Oysters in August?

Have you ever heard of the "R” rule? Never eat oysters in months without an R: May, June, July, and August. Guess what? It's hooey!

Now, it is true that oysters are at their peak in the fall and winter, when they stock up on glycogen (their sugar supply for the cold winter months) and get all plump and juicy. Yum. In the summer, they can be a little leaner but still tasty!
But the “R” rule also protected us from improperly stored oysters in the days before refrigeration. Warmer weather is when oysters spawn. Spawny oysters can be a little...milky. Not peak, not fresh and briny. However, MOST of the oysters we get are farmed and many are triploids. Triploids, like seedless watermelons, are bred to not spawn.
So we are NOT crazy and we ARE going to enjoy oysters all month! 

National Oyster Day is AUGUST 5, and the Oyster Century Club is celebrating with a whole MONTH of oyster-centric fun.  Every Thursday in August the OCC #oyster100 is hosting oyster specials at some of Boston’s finest raw bars, kicking off on the eve of National Oyster Day - Thursday August 4 at The Merchant. So get ready to fill out your tasting sheets!
When we’re not slurping away our favorite bivalves, we’ll be playing #OysterCenturyGo – a set of weekly challenges for club members to post on Twitter or Instagram, each one gains you a raffle entry awarded at each Thursday event.  Check the Oyster Century Club Facebook page each week for new challenges and guidelines. Grab your oyster-loving friends and join us!
If you've been thinking about it, now is the time to join the Oyster Century Club! Discounts and raffle drawings are for members only - plus you'll get an extra raffle entry for the week you join! Get your tasting sheets ready, your membership cards out, and get ready to play #OysterCenturyGo!

  • Step One: Join the club
  • Step Two: Like and follow our Oyster Century Club Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter/IG and look for the #oyster100 and #oystercenturyGO for special challenges to earn more entries.
  • Step Three: Grab a friend and join us on Thursdays!

I'll post weekly challenges and the specials our hosts are offering on the FB page, as well as videos, oyster news. Come on and post your oyster pics, too!


The Oyster Century Club at The Merchant.

See why we were named one of Boston's Top 5 Social clubs. Enjoy oysters (half price for members!) this Thursday. Oyster trivia and prizes, membership perks including this sweet shucking knife.

Already a member? You'll be entered in a special raffle.

The Merchant Kitchen & Drinks - some of the best shuckers around!

The Merchant Kitchen & Drinks - some of the best shuckers around!

Come join us at one of our favorite oyster bars! When: Thursday June 9 Where: The Merchant Boston Why: Enjoy half price oysters, sample Proud Pour and learn how our pairing of oysters with this wine can save the world.* How: Sign up here. *Okay, maybe not the world, but it's truly doing some fantastic things. 

Come join us at one of our favorite oyster bars!

When: Thursday June 9

Where: The Merchant Boston

Why: Enjoy half price oysters, sample Proud Pour and learn how our pairing of oysters with this wine can save the world.*

How: Sign up here.

*Okay, maybe not the world, but it's truly doing some fantastic things. 

The Oyster Century Club, named one of Boston's top five social clubs, with members from Boston to Brussels - join our tasting adventure. Meet, taste, laugh, learn. Log your way to 100 varieties. How many have you tasted?

Meetup Group Dues

Annual dues of $5.00 - that's less than 50 cents a month, what can you get for 50 cents anymore?

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Private Cooking Lessons

Please contact me for further info and to tailor a class for you or someone on your list!

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Oyster Century Club Shucking Knife

Get your very own shucking knife with the Oyster Century Club logo.

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Oyster Century Club Membership

Membership includes:

  • Your own OCC log to track your tasting adventure 1 -100
  • Your membership card to make it legit
  • Your own shucking knife to make your friends jealous
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Oyster Century Club - Event attendance only

If you're not sure you want to join the Oyster Century Club yet, come join us for an event and see what you think. If you want to convert to full membership (and get your membership card, shucking knife and tasting sheet) we'll credit you the initial $10 payment. Offer good for one event or 30 days. 

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You ROCKED that oyster class at Whole Foods!


Culinary Trade Show

“Chef Jacqueline Church is an absolute pleasure to work with!  She has a radiant, positive, hard-working attitude and exceptional culinary skills that have contributed to the successful promotion of BC seafood to international buyers around the world.  She has been an important member of “Team BC” at several international trade shows and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work alongside her and learn from her extensive knowledge.”

Mat Patterson, BC Ministry of Agriculture

Event Planning

The key to a successful event plan is to understand both the short-term objectives and long-term goals. I work with clients to develop a clear understanding of both. Is this a fundraiser or friend-raiser? What are the best ways to engage the ideal audience? What are some inventive ways that bring people together and get them engaged in your cause, how to have them adopt your goals as their own?

If you have aligned the right people, communicate with authenticity, plan with clarity and focus on the opportunity you are providing for others to get involved in meaningful and productive ways, then you will have a successful event. I can help you do that.

I had the pleasure and great fortune to work with Jacqueline on the inaugural event for Friends of MarViva Foundation recently. While on the surface the assignment was about event planning, Jacqueline quickly realized that in order for the event to be a success, her broad range of skills would need to be brought to bear. She enthusiastically and wholeheartedly rolled up her sleeves to help me refine the organization’s brand and value proposition, develop collateral material, while also tapping into her vast network of chefs and sustainability advocates. If you are looking for support to organize an event, I strongly encourage you to consider Jacqueline. Keep in mind that you will get more than you bargained for, and that will be a big plus for your event!


Brett Melone, Executive Director

Media Escort

Need an escort, a fixer, or provisioner for your Boston-based events? I will ensure your publicity dollars are well-spent.

Jacqueline Church escorted my cookbook author for several days, keeping her on schedule for back-to-back appearances and local media spots. She also helped secure multiple local media features, including a lengthy author interview in The Boston Globe. She displayed a remarkable grasp of detail (grocery shopping, travel logistics) while keeping the big picture in mind (exposure for the book during and after the tour).

I wholeheartedly recommend her to other publicists/agents in need of a Boston media escort.

Marisa Dobson, Publicist
Stewart, Tabori, & Chang | Abrams Image

Chef Assistant/Provisioner

Jacqueline was a wealth of knowledge and a great source while attending the Boston International Seafood Show 2013 as the chef for the BC Government Pavilion. She assisted me at last minute notice, and brought to the exhibit booth an outstanding energy and culinary expertise and help I definitely needed at this important international showcase.

Nathan Fong, CCP
Nathan Fong & Associates, Culinary Film Design